About Reliving

Hi, we are Jody, Vincent and Ananda from Reliving. We are the marketplace for second hand interior items and unique vintage gems. A platform which is easy to use and offers a lot of inspiration and quality items.

How did this idea arise

We live in a society where we are addicted to consuming. If everyone in the world consumed like the average Dutch person, we would need 3.6 earths to meet demand. We believe that this can be done differently, but above all, that it must be done differently.

Reliving our planet

Our goal is to show that there are plenty of beautiful products already out there that we can use to decorate our homes with. To be more conscious of our waste streams and to assign more happiness to second hand items than new products is important to us. By removing barriers such as transportation, findability and quality of supply, and providing insight into what CO2 is saved by buying second-hand, our aim is to make this happen.

We hope you will enjoy buying and selling your interior design items here! Do you have any tips and / or feedback? Please contact us!

Jody, Ananda & Vincent